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First Time Buying a Hot Tub? Don’t Fall for these 5 Mistakes

People say you learn from your first-time mistakes, but why shouldn’t we learn from other’s experiences instead? So, if you are planning to purchase a home spa, this article is for you. Here, we will be discussing 5 common mistakes that first-time hot tub buyers make. Let’s go.


6 Easy Ways to Know If Your Circuit Board is Broken

When we press a button on our hot tub's control panel or remote control, we send signals to the circuit board. The board then commands all the other components to work the way we want them to. Circuit boards are like the brains of any spa, and several factors can affect their ability to function properly.

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7 Tips to Steam Up Your Hot Tub Date

Your anniversary's coming up, and you are drowning in a flood of work. You forgot to book a table for two in your favorite restaurant. You forgot to call the local florist and have no time to run to the grocery to get a box of chocolates. But wait! You have a hot tub at home!

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10 Tips to Take Your Hot Tub Experience to the Next Level

Owning a hot tub is like turning your home instantly into a spa or a resort. When we go to resorts, we want to have the best times of our lives, and since your home is already a mini-resort with the hot tub in it, you want to keep all those hot tub dips special.

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10 Health Benefits of Using Your Hot Tub

While most people buy hot tubs simply for recreation and rejuvenation, these home spas give much more than that. As the world looks for more alternatives to traditional medical treatment, hydrotherapy is taking the spotlight in the recent years.

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Saltwater vs Chlorine Hot Tubs

One of the many decisions you will make is whether you'll get a traditional chlorine-infused hot tub or one with a saltwater purification system. These words may come off as jargon to people who only want to be relaxed in a hot tub, but they're actually pretty simple. Read along to know more.


My Spa Has a Blown Fuse

All hot tubs come with a fail-safe mechanism to protect people, the property, and the spa itself from minor electricity-induced failures or accidents. It is more commonly known as the fuse. The fuse is a cylindrical tube widely made of glass, and its function is to regulate the amperage (or amount) of electric current flowing through the system.

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My Hot Tub Motor Sounds Loud

One of the main selling points of your hot tub is that it can rigorously circulate the water while being very quiet. Of course, we want it to remain silent, but problems may arise in your motor over time, causing it to hum louder than usual. There are mainly two reasons why your hot tub would sound loud.

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My Hot Tub is Leaking

Generally, there are three kinds of leaks. They may start as tiny cracks but beware, as even the smallest holes can sink the greatest ships. Here, we will be talking about heater leaks, pump leaks, and plumbing leaks.

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My Breaker is Tripping

Once things go south, your circuit breaker will 'break the circuit' or stop the circulation of electricity on your device or appliance to save you from getting electrocuted, just like how your airbag pops out to protect you from the impact.

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Is My Hot Tub Causing an Increase in My Electric Bill?

Try to think back. What has changed in the house a few weeks ago? Have you purchased new appliances? Have you rewired any of your existing ones, or are your machines still in their prime years? Maybe your electricity provider enacted any rate changes that you are not aware of yet? The questions listed above could quickly narrow down the reason to the diagnosable ones.

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I Smell Smoke From My Hot Tub

Emergencies take place, no matter how much we don't want them to. The worst thing anyone can think of is being unprepared in the case of a disaster. Emergencies can happen anywhere, even in what we think are the safest places in our homes, including our hot tubs.

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Murky Hot Tub Water: Why it Happens and 5 Ways to Fix it

Hot tubs are indeed a great investment for relaxation. Some problems may arise every now and then. Still, as long as your spa is maintained properly and regularly, major damages are less likely to be expected. But even the most immaculately maintained tubs get their water murky or cloudy from time to time. There are many reasons as to why this is happening, but one thing is for sure. It can be solved, and it can definitely be avoided.

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Common Hot Tub Error Messages by Manufacturer

Here, we have listed down the most common error messages as seen on your control panel, and they are grouped by pack manufacturer for your convenience. Please note, however, that this is only for basic diagnosis. If you are in Arizona, please consider calling us at (520) 477 0741 and set an appointment with us for an in-depth analysis of your hot tub's problems.

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Are Hot Tubs Really Worth the Money in 2022?

Our lives today are the very results of all the decisions we have made in the past. Whether they turn out good or not-so-good, we learn to live with them and make the best of what we have. Included in possibly one of the biggest decisions a homeowner would make is whether or not to purchase a hot tub.